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We have great teams in place, and we are always looking for more employees who understand the importance of what we do and take pride in their work. This is not just a career it is a career with a purpose. URG offers a variety of positions. Find the right one for you.

Field Technician

If you are a self-motivated worker who enjoys working out-doors, then one of our field technician positions is for you.


Ideal Candidate Skills: Efficient, Accurate, Professional, Route navigation, and Customer service

Utility Locator

Utility locators provide a vital service. They mark underground utilities in areas of underground construction to prevent damage to utility infrastructure. Locators use state of the art equipment that traces a signal of the utility being located. This signal is then used to mark the location of the utility. Basic skills needed are computer skills, map reading, routing, and problem solving.

Gas Leak Surveyor

A gas leak surveyor provides an important service to utilities and the public. Leak survey technicians use a variety of equipment to survey gas lines ensuring pipeline integrity. When a leak is detected, it is investigated, classified, and documented. Basic skills needed are computer skills, map reading, routing, and problem solving.

Meter Disconnect Technician

A meter disconnect technician provides a unique and challenging service. Disconnect technicians shutoff or disconnect electric and gas services for failure to pay, theft, or various other reasons. Basic skills needed are computer skills, customer relations, map reading, and routing.

Meter Reader

A meter reader plays a key role in utility operations. Meter readers ensure accurate and timely billing of utility customers. Meter readers are assigned routes and must accurately and safely read electric, gas, or water meters. Basic skills needed are computer skills, map reading, and routing.

Meter Installation

A meter installation technician is responsible for updating and installing new metering technology for utilities. Install technicians are assigned work orders for an area and update electric and / or gas meters with advanced metering technology. Basic skills required are computer skills, small hand tools, map reading, and routing.

Cross Bore Technician

A Cross Bore Technician verifies that existing sewer integrity is free of utility cross bores, primarily on gas mains and services. Cross Bore Technicians will perform skilled technical work in the operation of audiovisual equipment used in the inspection of sanitary sewer mains to determine the need for repairs and maintenance of the collection system. Basic skills required are computer skills, closed circuit television equipment operation experience and map reading.

Office Staff

If you enjoy being part of a team, then one of our office staff positions is for you.


Ideal Candidate Skills: Productive, Detailed, Articulate, Precise, and Customer service

Ticket Processors

Ticket Processors use utility prints to check assigned tickets to identify if they require locating of underground utilities. Accuracy is important in identifying underground utilities and assigning tickets to locators in order to prevent underground utilities from damage.

Call Center Agent

Call center agents handle incoming or outgoing customer calls. They have to manage getting through the call as quickly and efficiently as possible while being professional and courteous. It is important to schedule appointments and document information accurately to ensure that the field technician has the correct information to complete the job.


Dispatchers monitor the emergency ticket screen and dispatch tickets to the assigned field technician. It is important that tickets are accurately dispatched in a timely manner to ensure that the field technician has sufficient time to arrive on site and complete the job within the required time frame.


Administrative responsibilities include providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office. You will support managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication. Duties may include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and filing.

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